[Preview] Four Continents Championships 2017: Men


The men’s field in Four Continents has never been this intense! Here we have two-thirds of the Olympic podium in Sochi (Denis Ten has withdrawn, unfortunately), National medalists, and a whole lot of skaters who has shown potential throughout the season. If you’ve never thought the men’s event is this unpredictable, you thought wrong.

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[Preview] Four Continents Championships 2017: Ladies


The ladies’ field in Four Continents gets deeper and more exciting every year. Despite defending champion Satoko Miyahara withdrawing due to injury, this year’s cast includes the other two members of last year’s podium, National champions, national medalists, and several new faces looking to make a splash. With a field this interesting, it’ll be a battle royale to come out on top.

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[Preview] Four Continents Championships 2017: Pairs


The pairs field in Four Continents is not as deep as the field in Europeans, but the discipline still promises excitement. The Chinese pairs are expected to be dominating the Top 5, with the Canadian and American teams looking forward to break the sweep. We will also be introduced to three pairs teams from South Korea, recently teamed up but with lots of potential.

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[Recap] European Championships 2017: Men


The European Championships continues to be an event where history is made. While Evgenia Medvedeva broke a world record in the ladies’ event, this year in Ostrava marked Javier Fernandez’s fifth consecutive European title, the first one since Ondrej Nepela did so from 1969 to 1973. Not to be outdone, the rest of the men’s field, especially the Top 10, gave outstanding performances as well.

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[Recap] European Championships 2017: Ladies


The ladies’ event was easily the most predictable among the disciplines, if we’re talking about the podium. However, spots number five and beyond were rather… unexpected, but pleasant surprises. Russia has been known as a skating powerhouse, so it was nice to see other countries with smaller federations step up to the plate and show they can be at par with the best of the best.

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[Recap] European Championships 2017: Pairs


The pairs field in Ostrava has been one of the best fields we have seen for so long. All eighteen teams skated to the best of their ability, and while the free skate was marred with minor mistakes, majority of them skating the best performances of their career. Veterans gave stellar skates while others proved that this season is their season. If these are the skaters we will be seeing in the World Championships in Helsinki, then we can’t wait for what’s in store.

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[Preview] European Championships 2017: Men


The men’s event is known to be the most unpredictable discipline in figure skating, and the current field in Europeans shows this competition is no exception. Despite some favorites to win the podium, inconsistencies tend to be the common denominator among most of the entries. Javier Fernandez (ESP) will be going after a fifth title, and Alexei Bychenko (ISR), last year’s surprise silver medalist, will be aiming for another medal.

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