[Recap] World Championships 2017: Ladies

When we all thought the ladies’ field has had enough of surprises, it turns out there were still some tricks up its sleeve. While there was a favorite to win the competition, the other two spots on the podium were up for grabs for at least seven women. The short program was… a bit of a mess for want of a better word. It wasn’t as bad as Four Continents, but it definitely wasn’t the cleanest event.

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[Preview] World Championships 2017: Pairs

The pairs field in Helsinki is definitely something, with majority of them having the podium potential. However, it is also interesting to note that most of the teams are recovering from injuries, which will also play a factor in how they’ll compete. Still, they know that Olympic spots are at stake, so we’re sure to see incredible skating.

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[Preview] World Championships 2017: Ladies

The ladies’ discipline is going to be an exciting one, as the fate of Olympic spots rests on their shoulders. We have no doubt who the winner will be, but the other two spots on the podium are up for grabs. It’s going to be a bloodbath, as all these ladies will be giving it their all heading into the competition. Prayer circle Helsinki won’t be a witness to a hot mess like Gangneung was.

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[Preview] World Championships 2017: Men

This year’s World Championships promises an exciting yet nerve-wracking competition, particularly in the men’s event. Helsinki will be a witness to the most quads to be attempted this season, with each of the top men having more than two quads in their program layouts. Just like Four Continents, it will be a matter of whose risk pays off better than the others. We won’t be surprised if some records are shattered during the week.

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[Recap] Four Continents Championships 2017: Ladies


To everyone’s surprise, the ladies event was one hot mess. Trust us. Almost every single skater had to at least fall, or at least make mistakes that clean skates were scarce throughout the whole event. Was this the sacrifice for the men??? Some ladies took advantage of this… circumstance, and catapulted themselves to the top of the podium. We would also like to acknowledge the presence of Queen Yuna who awarded the ladies’ medals.

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