[Recap] Grand Prix Final 2017/18 – Men

The first big competition of the season has finally come to an end, and boy, was it an intense one. The Top 6 men of the Grand Prix series went out and gave it their all, with polarizing results. If anything, the entire men’s event was not a clean one overall, with mistakes made and points left off the table. In the end, Nathan Chen took home the GPF title, becoming the competition’s new champion since being dominated by Yuzuru Hanyu since 2013.

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[Recap] Grand Prix Final 2017/18 – Pairs

The pairs field has gotten more exciting and more unpredictable this season, the teams leveling up in order to get the momentum they desire for the Olympics. Perhaps the highlight of the event was Aliona Savchenko / Bruno Massot winning the title with a record-breaking free skate. If this is the level of skating we’ve seen in Nagoya is exciting enough, then we can’t wait to see what happens in Pyeongchang.

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[Preview] Grand Prix Final 2017/18

The ladies’ event has always been relatively predictable, until this season.  With gold medal-favorite Evgenia Medvedeva out of the Final due to injury, everyone wants a shot at the top spot on the podium. Both Wakaba Higuchi and Alina Zagitova make their senior Grand Prix Final debuts, while Carolina Kostner returns after five years. Meanwhile, Kaetlyn Osmond, Satoko Miyahara, and Maria Sotsokova are back again, aiming for better finishes than last year’s Final.

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[Preview] Grand Prix Final 2017/18 – Men

The men’s event in the Grand Prix series has been unpredictable thus far, if the field of qualifiers is anything to go by. First of all, we’re missing Yuzuru Hanyu, Patrick Chan, and Javier Fernandez, who we’re used to seeing in the Final for the past few years. While this field still promises excitement, the results could either be an intense competition or a complete disaster. There’s no middle ground.

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[Preview] Grand Prix Final 2017/18 – Pairs

We’ve seen the pairs event become more and more exciting in the Grand Prix series, and there’s no doubt that it will be more exciting, now that we’ll be seeing the six best teams in the circuit compete in the Final. But with excitement comes unpredictability. Most of these teams have earned personal and season’s best during the GP series, and there’s no telling who’s going to be on top of that podium, but we’ll do our best to guess.

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[Recap] Skate America 2017 – Men

The men’s event in Skate America wrapped up with so much unpredictability, more unpredictability than we were actually anticipating. Despite Nathan Chen winning the title, it was not a perfect overall performance. What had us feeling drained, however, was the free skate, mostly mistake-ridden, not to mention injury-ridden. We’re just glad it’s all over.

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[Recap] Skate America 2017 – Pairs

The pairs event in Skate America was certainly a good way to cap off the Grand Prix series, at least just before the Final in Nagoya. There were mistakes and falls in both programs, but some rose to the occasion over others. In the end, Aljona Savchenko / Bruno Massot (GER) captured the gold medal, marking their first trip to the Grand Prix Final as a team.

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