[Preview] Skate America 2016: Pairs


This is one of our three previews for the 2016 Skate America. To read our preview of the men’s event, click here. For the ladies’ event, click here.

We are very excited to announce that we will be writing about pairs for the first time since we founded this blog! Similar to the men and the ladies, each entry has the potential to be on the podium.

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[Preview] Skate America 2016: Men


This is one of our three previews for the 2016 Skate America. To read our preview of the ladies’ event, click here. For the pairs’ event, click here.

The 2016-2017 season is upon us, and it’s time for the beginning of one of the biggest events of the season—the Grand Prix series. We begin with Skate America, and while it’s an introduction to the best skaters in the field have to offer, we’re sure bound for some surprises!

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[Preview] Asian Open Trophy in Manila, Philippines

Missed us? The off-season was fun while it lasted, but the two of us are excited to be blogging about skating again. While we usually start posting previews during the Grand Prix season, we felt like writing a preview for this year’s Asian Open Trophy, especially since our country is hosting it! We are going to have so much fun blogging about this competition!

While we may not be familiar with most of the skaters—especially the novices—we believe this will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know them. Who knows? Some of these names could be the next big thing.

So, here are our thoughts on some of the entries, which are mostly who we are excited about.

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[Features] YOLO’s Favorite Programs for Season 2015-2016


It’s been more than a month since season 2015-2016 season ended, but, as usual, we’re still not over it. We’re still experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and that meant watching some programs; some programs more than others. And here, we list our favorite programs for the season—both our common favorites and our individual favorites.

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[Recap] World Figure Skating Championships 2016: Ladies


The ladies’ competition was definitely one for the books. Lights-out skates, broken world records, and unexpected meltdowns were the theme of the competition. If you placed any bets for this competition, you were definitely in for a major gamble as any of the top ladies could have won. The results were probably unexpected. Then again, this is figure skating; anything can happen.

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